St George’s Academy “Greenpower” Racing Cars

We are very pleased to announce that St George’s Academy of Sleaford and Ruskington, will be exhibiting some of their “Greenpower” racing cars at the 2015 Show. The Greenpower Education Trust is a charity that promotes engineering as a rewarding career to anyone aged 9 – 25 while also focusing on sustainability, teamwork and the community. The aim is to advance education and awareness in the subjects of sustainable engineering and technology to young people.
IMG_9776-T IMG_0021-T
Students aged 11-16 have designed, built and now race competitively, three electric-powered racing cars. Such is the team’s success that last year they reached the International Final. This year they are aiming to be even more competitive by manufacturing a carbon fibre body for the first car, replacing the existing battery sets, and creating a purpose-built workshop.
photo6 photo4
If you’d like to see these cars, find out about the people that build them, the technology inside them, the competitions they enter, etc., team members will be at the Show and very willing to answer your questions.

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