Gauge 1 North – a taste of what’s to come

The April 2015 Show will feature, among many other exhibitors, the Gauge 1 North (Yorkshire) group. This model railway society, as its name suggest, specialises in the larger scale that is variously described as 1/32, 1/30.5, 3/8″ to a foot or 10mm to the foot – Gauge 1 for short and for convenience! They will be bringing their very large “Anglia Roads” layout to Springfields. However, last Sunday Gauge 1 North they made a flying visit to the Bicker Railway & Model Engineering Show here in Lincolnshire, this time with their smaller, end-to-end “Moordale” layout. Here, as an aperitif for the main event in April, are a few photographs from Bicker.

Gauge-1-Moordale-layout-4 Gauge-1-Moordale-layout-3 Gauge-1-Moordale-layout-2 Gauge-1-Moordale-layout-1
Can you spot the dinosaur?!

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