The Guild of Model Wheelwrights

Bicker-Rwy-and-Mod-Eng-2015---Guild-of-Model-WheelwrightsThe Guild of Model Wheelwrights make wooden wheeled vehicles – carts, wagons, carriages, gypsy caravans etc – in miniature. There are many challenges for this specialised area of modelling including scaling down not just the vehicles but also the methods required to form the timber components. At the recent Bicker Railway and Model Engineering Show visitors saw a splendid display of finished carts and work in progress, and were able to discuss the methods used to achieve the accuracy of the models. We are pleased to announce that the Guild is bringing along a very large and comprehensive display to the Spalding Show, and we thought that you  might like to see something of the kind of models that will be exhibited.
Bicker-Rwy-and-Mod-Eng-2015---Guild-Mod-Wheelwrights     Bicker-Rwy-and-Mod-Eng-2015---Guild-Mod-Wheelwrights-2

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