Day 2 of the show pleases the crowds

Day 2 of the Spalding Model Engineering & Hobby Show 2017 produced a number of crowd pleasing moments as well as a wealth of exhibits and traders designed to entertain, educate and meet the needs of both the casual and informed visitor. The Velocipede Challenge featured entries by Spalding Grammar School and Boston Grammar School. Pupil-designed vehicles made to run on rails competed for their ability to meet the design brief and resulted in a tie. The University of Lincoln “Virtual Forge” demonstrated how a VR headset and software could result in the user making a hot-forged item that could be produced by an attached 3D printer. Elsewhere the world’s smallest live-steam railway showed off the skills of the engineer in a complete working layout that fits into a box of the size of many chess sets. Much, much more was on show as the selection of photographs from Day 2 below illustrates.

This pupil-designed velocipede sedately traversed the track and met the design brief

So too did this design, despite losing its front end early in the proceedings

SMEHS2017-2-3 SMEHS2017-2-4
The world’s smallest live-steam railway in its case that becomes its track

SMEHS2017-2-6 SMEHS2017-2-5
Big stationary engines and small, working traction engines attracted spactators

Radio-controlled cars were skilfully driven over challenging courses and obstacles

SMEHS2017-2-9 SMEHS2017-2-8
Radio-controlled tanks and lorries, and the world of virtual reality

The massive Gauge 1 Railway layout, Thompson’s Halt

Wheelwrights, boat builders and R2D2!

Fine examples of the hobbyist and engineering skills on display

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