Let us know what you think about the Spalding Model Engineering & Hobby Show.

9 Responses to Comments

  1. Howard Davis says:

    Very very good show faultless security, well organized,
    H. Davis , Clocks

  2. What a show, just what we need in the area, very well organised, great venue and a credit to the organisers.

  3. Tony Norris says:

    A really good show. Just what we needed in this area to save having to travel so far to the other shows. I was able to stock up on indexable lathe tools and bar stock. Can’t wait for the 2015 show!

  4. Louis Wolf Stanyer says:

    Looks great! If only I could get my two locos up there! Still going to be there though, looks like an amazing show!

  5. 2015 Another great show, always look forward to this, lets hope it keeps growing year on year.
    2016 already booked in the dairy. Well done to all who organised and supported.

  6. Andy V says:

    Went last weekend on the Saturday, enjoyed the show but the lighting in the first hall on the right was horrible

    • Thanks for your feedback regarding the lighting, it’s much appreciated – that’s something we’ll be able to discuss with Springfields before next year’s show. Glad you enjoyed the show

  7. Tony N says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the show (for the third time). So nice to have a really good exhibition close to home. I must agree with Andy V though, I too went on the Saturday, and found the hall really quite dark, making it hard to see some of the items on the large tool stall, but overall a really good show.

    • Thanks for your kind comments regarding the show. We’re trying to bring something of the big shows to the area. Regarding the lighting of the smaller hall, we’ll have a chat with Springfields about it and see what they can come up with.

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