2018 show dates announced

The dates for the 2018 Spalding Model Engineering & Hobby Show have been announced. The event will take place at the Events Centre at Springfields Gardens and Shopping Centre, Spalding, Lincolnshire, on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th April. Put those dates in your diary today!


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Thank You!

The organizers of the 2017 Spalding Model Engineering and Hobby Show would like to say a big “Thank You” to all the exhibitors, traders, the staff of Springfields and the helpers who made the weekend event such a great success. Without the combined effort of these key people the event could not take place. Thanks too to the members of the public who, once again, came along and supported the event. It is gratifying to know that the work put in over the preceding year is valued by the people of south Lincolnshire and beyond.

Below, for your enjoyment, is a further selection of photographs from the weekend.

Presentation of certificates and prizes to Velocipede Challenge participants

Exhibits by the Guild of Model Wheelwrights

SMEHS-2017-G3   SMEHS-2017-G4
Plenty to see…                                                  …plenty to buy

…and plenty to browse

Model radio-controlled boats on the boating pond

SMEHS-2017-G8   SMEHS-2017-G7
Moving steam traction engine and stationary steam engine

One of the aisles in the main hall, packed with exhibits

Using and finding out about the lathe

Models galore!

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Day 2 of the show pleases the crowds

Day 2 of the Spalding Model Engineering & Hobby Show 2017 produced a number of crowd pleasing moments as well as a wealth of exhibits and traders designed to entertain, educate and meet the needs of both the casual and informed visitor. The Velocipede Challenge featured entries by Spalding Grammar School and Boston Grammar School. Pupil-designed vehicles made to run on rails competed for their ability to meet the design brief and resulted in a tie. The University of Lincoln “Virtual Forge” demonstrated how a VR headset and software could result in the user making a hot-forged item that could be produced by an attached 3D printer. Elsewhere the world’s smallest live-steam railway showed off the skills of the engineer in a complete working layout that fits into a box of the size of many chess sets. Much, much more was on show as the selection of photographs from Day 2 below illustrates.

This pupil-designed velocipede sedately traversed the track and met the design brief

So too did this design, despite losing its front end early in the proceedings

SMEHS2017-2-3 SMEHS2017-2-4
The world’s smallest live-steam railway in its case that becomes its track

SMEHS2017-2-6 SMEHS2017-2-5
Big stationary engines and small, working traction engines attracted spactators

Radio-controlled cars were skilfully driven over challenging courses and obstacles

SMEHS2017-2-9 SMEHS2017-2-8
Radio-controlled tanks and lorries, and the world of virtual reality

The massive Gauge 1 Railway layout, Thompson’s Halt

Wheelwrights, boat builders and R2D2!

Fine examples of the hobbyist and engineering skills on display

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Day 1 of the show a great success

The sun shone and visitors flocked to the exhibition halls of the 2017 Spalding Model Engineering and Hobby Show. It was gratifying to see so many families present, with the younger generation being introduced to the skills and pleasures of model engineering. We look forward to an equally successful Sunday. Below are photographs of some of the of the great sights enjoyed by visitors on Saturday.

Miniature traction engine “road run” through Springfield Gardens

Miniature traction engines pause in shopping area to the delight of shoppers

Radio-controlled tanks and trucks navigate their landscapes in the marquee area

The Grumman Panther fires up its jet engine for the watching crowd

Finding out about 3D-Printing

The Gauge 1 Society layout, “Thompson Halt”

Visitors found plenty to buy and browse to suit all pockets

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Countdown to the show 1 – Engineering

One of the main features of the Spalding Model Engineering and Hobby Show, as the title suggests, is model engineering. That often means turn raw materials in working models of real-world engineering e.g. turning steel into a scale model of a traction or internal combustion engine, or planed wood into scale models of nineteenth century farm carts r yachts. Members of the various model engineering societies and clubs will be displaying examples of their expertise throughout the halls. They will also be available to answer questions and give advice. Here are some of the exhibits from 2016.

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Countdown to the show 2 – tools and materials of the trade

Hobbyists and model engineers need tools to pursue their past-time and at the show we try to ensure the attendance of  a wide variety of companies selling what you need. Some of our traders are specialists offering materials and tools that are not available locally. Others are generalists stocked with the “bread and butter”, everyday items that we use. Come along and se what our traders have to offer. You can find out who will be attending on our Traders page and by clicking the links in the sidebar of each page. Below are photographs of some of the products and traders available last year.


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Countdown to the show 3 – Working model traction engines

Model traction engine runs are a feature of both Saturday and Sunday of the show (weather permitting). This involves all the working model traction engines (and a couple of other people-carrying model vehicles) leaving the Events Centre car park, travelling through the woodland area and through the gardens to the end of the main avenue of shops at the Centre. There they rest for a while so that shoppers can admire the vehicles, and then leave over the bridge and back to the Events Centre car park. Static model traction engines can also be seen in the car park and in the Event Centre Halls. To whet your appetite here are some photographs from last year.

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